Customs revenue increases by 30 percent

Maldives Customs Service has said the customs revenue increased by 30 percent last month.

Statistics released by customs show goods worth MVR 2.8 billion were imported to the Maldives in January 2021. This value increased by 49 percent in January this year, with goods worth MVR 4.2 billion imported into the Maldives.

As a result of the increased amount of imports, the revenue generated also increased by 30 percent compared to the same period last year. While customs received MVR 240 million in January 2021, it received MVR 312 million in January this year.

Most goods were imported fromChina, man, India, and UAE. Goods worth MVR 831 million were imported from China, while those imported from Oman were equivalent to MVR 572 million in value. The goods bought from India are valued at MVR 514 million and MVR 480 million from UAE.

Last month, the Maldives exported the largest goods to Thailand, the UK, and Mauritius. While 54 percent of goods were exported to Thailand, ten percent were exported to the UK. Seven percent of total exports were sent to Mauritius.