Nasheed hints at possibility of 2022 referendum

Parliament Speaker and former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, has hinted at a referendum on adopting a parliamentary government system being held end of next year.

Nasheed commented on the matter in a message sent to a Whatsapp group with main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s National Council members. In his message, Nasheed said the referendum will take place in November 2022 and that political parties agree to hold the referendum. Although the vote will be taken in 2022, he said that the current presidential system will be officially changed to a parliamentary system in 2023.

In his message, Nasheed stressed why MDP must be active in working towards a change in the government system. He emphasized that it is the best approach rather than himself and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih contesting against each other in the party primary, and requested council members to ponder on the matter.

'I request the national council to stick together on this matter,' implored Nasheed, who has always been a vocal advocate for a parliamentary government system for the Maldives, and who himself has expressed wishes to become Prime Minister.

Nasheed recently met with President Solih to discuss changing the government system of the Maldives. Although discussions also took place with other political parties, they did not express interest in pursuing the change.

Earlier this year, Nasheed informed President Solih that he wished to change the government system and become Prime Minister. In his message, Nasheed asked the president not to hold the 2023 presidential election and instead adopt a parliamentary system.