Business Visa Regulations amended to allow six-month stay

Business Visa regulations have been amended, extending the visa duration.

Business Visa is a temporary multiple-entry visa issued to a foreign national intending to stay in the Maldives for business purposes. Maldives Immigration issues the visa for different business categories for a period of 30 to 90 days. Until now, visa may be extended by 30 days if the total number of days in the country does not exceed 90 days. If a visa is canceled for violations, the individual may not apply for a five-year visa, and those who overstay their visa may be deported.

However, as per the new revisions to the Business Visa regulations, the visa may be issued at a time for up to six months. If extending the visa, it may be extended by 30 to 90 days, Immigration said.

The regulations state that the Business Visas issued for six months will be cancelled if the passport holder does not enter the Maldives for three months. The regulations previously said the visa would be canceled if the passport holder did not enter the Maldives in six months.