Challenges in recruiting principals due to low pay: Minister

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali has said the ministry faces challenges recruiting principals due to the low salary and remunerations offered to principals and headmasters. The minister made the statement at Wednesday's Parliament sitting.

During the sitting, Maduvvary MP Adam Shareef said Maduvvary School has not had a principal overseeing the school since August this year. He inquired from the minister when a principal would be appointed to the school.

In her response, Minister Aishath said difficulties are recruiting qualified and capable employees to run schools. One of the main reasons is the low remunerations offered to principals, noting that those who complete the Principal / Headmaster course opt to work in other jobs with better pay, she said.

'Even in the Parliament House, we see some individuals who have completed the Headmaster and Principal course. Even in councils, [we see the same]. The schools miss out on employing these individuals,' the minister said.

Under efforts to resolve the issue, the ministry now offers an additional MVR 3,000 for principals working away from their residential islands, said the minister.

The minister also shed light on the reasons for the delay in appointing a principal to Maduvvary School. She further said an appointment has now been made for the post and that the new principal would begin work at the school next week.