Parliament approves 20 bills, goes on recess

The Parliament, on Monday, went into recess after concluding the third term. The Parliament completed work on 20 bills during its third term.

Concluding the final sitting for the year, the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, summarized the work done during the term. He said 44 sittings were held during the term, and members spent 112 hours working on the bills. Members spoke in the Parliament on 950 occasions, and 320 committee meetings were held during the third term.

The Parliament approved 20 bills during the term. It worked on a total of 41 bills - 9 bills pending from the previous term and 32 bills submitted during the third term.

The Parliament also concluded work on assessing four resolutions, although ten resolutions are still pending. It also worked on seven motions submitted b the government, two by the Parliament Secretariate and 13 by parliament members. Out of these, nine motions were addressed during the term, Nasheed said.

While 32 ministers were questioned during the term, the Parliament could not question seven cabinet ministers, Nasheed said. Overall, 95 issues were resolved during the term, he added.

'The work we did on the Civil Procedure bill is significant. Furthermore, due to concerns raised by some MPs on the agreements between Maldives and India, the committees assessed these agreements and presented their findings to the parliament floor in the form of a report. The report and its contents have been approved. The report clearly shows there is no danger to the Maldives' independence due to the agreements', Nasheed said.

Before ending Monday's sitting, the Speaker requested all MPs to expedite work on pending bills.