Vinares Flats designated for Male' citizens, long-time residents

Vinares flats being constructed in Phase II of reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale' will be sold to Male' citizens, the Planning Ministry has said.

Speaking to AVAS, State Minister Akram Kamaluddin said Vinares flats would first be sold to those who bought flats from Gulheefalhu and SeaLife Global apartments. He said that the remaining flats would be sold to Male' city citizens and long-time residents.

Akram said the government decided to designate Vinares flats to Male' citizens under the government's policy to ensure adequate housing for Male' citizens.

'Several private parties are selling apartments too. Flats constructed in the atolls are also designated for the residents of that island,' Akram said.

In October, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) said the Vinares flats are expected to reach completion next July. The apartments are being constructed by China Machinery Engineering Company. The Vinares project will have ten towers of 13 storeys, with a total of 1,344 flats in four categories. Each apartment will have three bedrooms, attached toilets, and a balcony across an area of 883 to 902 square meters.

The Marina View category will have 192 flats, while the Outer View category will have 372 flats. Inner View will have 352 apartments, and Standard View will have 448 apartments. The cost of the flats is between MVR 2.5 - 2.7 million. HDC said although payments can be in installments over 20 - 25 years, it would almost double the price of the apartments.

Vinares towers will have ATMs, parking zones, and CCTV surveillance. The ground and first floor will be used as commercial spaces, including supermarkets, office spaces, shops, cafes, restaurants, and gyms.