HDC conducts survey to assess progress of Hiyaa finishing work

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is conducting a survey to assess the progress of finishing works at Hiyaa housing units.

HDC handed over the social housing units to its recipients without completing the finishing works. While the corporation extended a grace period of three months without charging rent to complete the works, several recipients face challenges in completing the work due to financial constraints. The grace period ends on December 31.

Since December 16, HDC has been forwarding the link to the survey to flat recipients to collect information on the progress of individual units. HDC said they hope all flat owners share their response with HDC so that the corporation may identify issues and propose ways to rectify the problems.

Many recipients believe their financial situation would further deteriorate if HDC charges rent on the units before completion of finishing work. Many have requested HDC to extend the grace period further. However, HDC has said if a public announcement regarding granting an extension is not made, flat recipients will have to start paying their rent effective from January 1, 2022. HDC also said it would discuss with the government regarding an extension.

A monthly rent of MVR 7,500 in addition to a maintenance fee of MVR 1,000 is charged for the two-bedroom Hiyaa units. The Hiyaa Union has requested the government to lower the rent to MVR 5,600 and extend the grace period to one year.