Land plots from Hulhumale' designated for Male' citizens

Sixty land plots being sold from Hulhumale' Phase II have been designated for Male' residents.

In an announcement published on December 27, the Housing Development Center (HDC) first said any Maldivian citizen could purchase the land plots. However, on December 30, HDC revised the decision that only those registered in Male; City may purchase the plots. HDC did not share details on the reason for the change.

The 60 plots are between 1603.07 and 2633.93 square feet in size. Those interested in purchasing the plots can submit their bids. Bidders must not have land larger than 600 square feet registered in their name in the Greater Male' Area, and if multiple people are registered owners of the same land, their part must not be over 600 square feet when divided. Additionally, they must not have previously bought land from Hulhumale' under a bid.

The plots for sale include 26 beachfront plots and 34 beachside plots. Beachfront plots are for MVR 3,900 per square feet, which means the smallest plots will be for MVR 6.2 million. One square foot costs MVR 3,500 for beachside properties, making the price of the smallest plots MVR 5.6 million.