Six men attempting to smuggle items into prison arrested

Six men attempting to smuggle items into prison have been arrested.

The police said the six suspects were arrested from Hulhumale Phase II on Friday morning in an operation conducted after two men carrying a safe were apprehended during a routine patrol.

The two men carrying the safe into a Phase II tower abandoned the safe and ran away when they noticed police officers in the area. When the police stopped the suspects and searched them and the safe, no suspicious objects were found.

After questioning the men, the police carried out an operation and recovered what is believed to be the objects in the safe in an apartment in Hiyaaa Tower 2. This includes 18 mobile phones, 28 chargers, 28 headsets, ten memory cards, 12 SIM cards, among other objects. The police said the items were being prepared to be smuggled into a jail. Four men were arrested on the scene.

The police said all suspects are local men aged between 18 and 24 years.