Gov't provides financial assistance to students in Ukraine

The government has said it had provided financial assistance to Maldivian students in Ukraine.

The Higher Education Ministry said 21 Maldivian students in Ukraine could not leave the country before Ukraine closed its airspace and that financial assistance had been provided to them. However, the ministry did not disclose the amount.

The ministry further said the transaction limits on their Maldivian debit cards had been increased. They can make transactions within the increased limit until March 3.

While Russia has declared war on Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry said 20 Maldivian students are in Ukraine. The ministry said they are communicating with the students. From among the 35 Maldivian students in Kharkiv, a major target for Russia, 30 students were able to cross the Ukraine border. The ministry said the remaining five students are trying to leave the country and are in good health.

The ministry said 14 students are in Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine. The ministry said they were checking on the students and added that one Maldivian student is in another Ukrainian city. He, too is doing well, the ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry said it is in discussion with countries neighboring Ukraine and other friendly countries to transport the Maldivian students in Ukraine to safe locations.