Housing project will not overpopulate Villimale' : Mayor

Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said the housing project planned for Villimale' would not overpopulate and congest Villimale'.

Meeting Villimale' residents on Wednesday night, the Mayor said concerns that Villimale's environment would be negatively impacted due to the housing project were brought up by some youth.

Muizzu said when Villimale' was first populated, the government had a specific plan in place to develop the island. He said housing projects would be carried out according to the plan, with minimal damage to the plants and environment. He assured that the project would be carried out so that it does not interrupt the economic activities in Vilimale'.

Muizzu said he believes housing solutions must be provided to the residents of Villimale' to bring them ease. He added that the housing project for 500 housing units was announced to serve the purpose.

Muizzu said the Council would issue the flats only to residents of Villimale' who are in need of housing solutions. Therefore, a new population would not reside in Villimale' when the housing units are completed, and it would have no effect on the island's environment, he said.

'The main focus of this project is you [the residents of Villimale]. We hope to bring an end to you being stuck within four walls. We will issue these flats to you. This is what we have planned,' he said.

The Mayor further said the Council is working to establish services in Villimale' similar to how it is provided in Male'. If one door closes, the Council would knock on other doors and find a way to continue the work, he said. Any work undertaken by the City Council will not be based solely on the City Council's decision and would be based on what the people want, he said.

Mayor Muizzu pointed out that Villimale' was known for its watersports activities, and that the Council has plans to establish a water sports facility and a children's park in Villimale'. While the government issued an MVR 100,000 budget to construct the park, this amount is not enough to 'level the ground' of the park, he said. Therefore, the Council is seeking developers to handle the projects, he said.

'We have already announced ad gazetted that we need investors to develop this park. We are looking for a group to construct the park and water sports facility under a developer finance concept and will announce the work within this month,' he said.