Construction of 1,000 housing units in Eydhafushi awarded to Chinese company

The construction of 1,000 housing units in B. Eydhafushi has been handed over to China's Sinohydro Corporation.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu had previously announced Eydhafushi as one of the atoll's urban centers slated for development, pledging to construct 1,000 housing units on the island during the recent parliamentary election campaign.

In line with the pledge, the project agreement for the construction of the housing units was signed at a ceremony held at the Infrastructure Ministry on Monday by Construction Minister Dr. Abdullah Muthalib. Eydhafushi Constituency MP Ahmed Saleem was also in attendance at the ceremony.

The government has not yet released any further details on the project.

The last time the land was allocated from Eydhafushi was in 1998 during President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom's administration. However, 183 plots of land in Eydhafushi, which was dredged during the administration of President Abdullah Yameen, are now being prepared for allocation.