State receives MVR 102 mln as Departure Tax

The State collected over MVR 102 million as revenue under the newly introduced 'Departure Tax'.

National tax agency Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) said they received MVR 51 million as Departure Tax in January. The total for the last two months was MVR 102 million.

On July 11, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified a new amendment to the country's Airport Taxes and Fees Act, which introduced a departure tax for any traveler leaving the Maldives beginning on January 1, 2022. The tax applies to locals and tourists and to any airport in the country. The Airport Service Charge, which was being charged from 2016 until now, was discontinued on December 31, 2021, before the Departure Tax came into effect.

As per the new amendment, residents of the Maldives will need to pay $12 if they are traveling in economy class. Meanwhile, non-residents must pay $30 for economy class. A departure tax of $60 will be charged for both Maldivian locals and tourists and $90 for First-class for business class. The fee is $120 for those flying on private charter jets.