Maldives Floating City project shortlisted for int'l award

The Floating City being developed by the Maldives for tourism and housing needs has been shortlisted for an international award.

The project was shortlisted for the MIPIM Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars for Global Development. This is the most prestigious award given globally for development projects.

The Floating City project was shortlisted under the 'Best Future Mega Project' category, from among 160 other projects. The shortlisted projects include a project to convert a former Mercedes factory in Barcelona to an eco-district, the Healthineers campus being developed in Bangalore by Seimens, and the Hangzhou Alibaba DAMO Academy Nanhu Industry Park Project.

The Maldives Floating City project was announced during former President Mohamed Nasheed's administration. The construction of 5,000 floating houses has been contracted to Bison company. This includes residential homes and houses to be used for tourism purposes.

Earlier this month, the Tourism Ministry announced the rent policies for the houses.