'Possible for 1,000 housing plots to be issued from sea area off Kurendhoo'

Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed has said 1,000 housing plots can be issued off Lh. Kurendhoo.

Speaking at a rally held to garner support for the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s candidate for the Lh. Kurendhoo by-election, Nasheed spoke at length regarding the housing issues faced by the people of Kurendhoo.

Nasheed said the Netherlands' company developing the Maldives' floating city had communicated that 1,000 housing plots can be issued from the sea area off Lh. Kurendhoo, when he inquired from the company if such a feat was possible. Nasheed said the company shared with him a drawing of what they proposed.

'I asked the Dutch company if it was possible for people to live in the sea area off Kurendhoo island, as the island lacked a lagoon [restricting reclamation]. They sent me a drawing, and they assure me 1,000 housing plots can be issued [from the sea area] off Kurendhoo,' said Nasheed.

The former President said he was mentioning the exchange not because he wished to implement the project tomorrow and not because the government had decided to go ahead with such a project. He assured Kurendhoo citizens that MDP's priority was to resolve issues faced by the people and asked them not to be concerned. Elections are being held to pave the way to achieve such goals, he added.

Nasheed also said the immediate solution for the housing issue faced by the people of Kurendhoo was to construct flats and said it is essential to decide on a date on which the project would commence.