Land allocation under Binveriyaa Scheme set to commence on Tuesday

The government will begin allocating land to the recipients of land plots under its Binveriyaa Scheme on Tuesday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced.

President Solih, who is seeking re-election, made the announcement while addressing the residents of Noonu Kudafari at a campaign event on Saturday.

Speaking at the event, the president disclosed that the land allocation process had reached its final stages, and the distribution of plots would commence within the next three days.

"You will witness some people, some families, receiving their land daily," the president said.

The list of eligible applicants for land under the government's landowner program was announced on June 26. Out of a total of 15,164 applications submitted, which encompass both single and joint applicants totaling 23,088 individuals, a total of 19,875 have been deemed eligible for land ownership. Of these, 10,314 applicants were included in the provisional list of land recipients.

Three sizes of plots will be allocated under the program. An individual applicant will receive a minimum plot size of 1,250 square feet, with an additional 400 square feet for each co-applicant in joint applications. If the application involves more than seven people, a total of 4,000 square feet will be allocated.

The government will be allocating land from Gulhifalhu, Giraavarufalhu, and Hulhumale. These include 2,200 plots in Hulhumale; and more than 2,000 plots in Gulhifalhu.