Pres Solih announces housing scheme for long-term Male' residents

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced the government's intention to allocate land plots in Male' City to individuals who have been residents of the capital city for over 20 years.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Male' Galolhu ward on Tuesday night, President Solih said long-term residents in Male' lack land in both the city and their birth islands due to living in Male' for extended years. Therefore, the government is developing a housing scheme specifically designed to provide land and flats to these individuals.

"Today, we have decided to launch another housing scheme aimed at providing land plots and houses to those registered in the Male' Dhaftharu for over 20 years and those who have resided in Male' for over 20 years," stated the president.

The president said the scheme's policies have been under development for the past few days, and the government plans to finalize and announce them soon. He expressed hope that the initiative would offer a lasting solution to the housing challenges faced by Male' residents and those who have migrated to the city.

“Hopefully, we will bring a permanent solution to the housing problem faced by Male' residents and the people who have migrated to Male',” he said.

Speaking regarding the Binveriya Housing Scheme targeted for Male' citizens, the President confirmed that land would be allocated to 19,842 eligible recipients. Additionally, the 16,923 people eligible for flats under the Gedhoruveriyaa Scheme would receive their flats shortly.

The President said he learned from his door-to-door visits that some residents faced difficulties in obtaining funds for the development of their land. He pledged to establish a housing bank that would provide long-term, low-interest loans to address this issue.

Furthermore, the President said he had handed over the list of customs employees' flats to the relevant authorities as promised. He said he would soon hand over the list of flats for Corrections and the National University employees.

Regarding concerns about high rent and down payments for Vinares Flats in Hulhumale' Phase II, President Solih stated that the issue had been resolved with rent and down payments reduced. Similar reductions were also applied to MPL flats, following requests from MPL employees. Detailed information on these adjustments will be made available soon.