Dead body found in Gaafaru transported to Male'

The dead body discovered in a guesthouse in K. Gaafaru has been brought to the capital Male'.

The 28-year-old local woman identified as Najila Luthufy was discovered inside a room in Gaafaru Old Town Guesthouse around sunset on Monday.

Gaafaru Island Council said the body was transported to Male' around 04:30 am early Tuesday. However, a team of police officers is still active at the guesthouse for investigation.

When asked about Najila's death, the Councillor said he does not know the cause of her death. However, he confirmed that the deceased's body had injuries and said that the cause of death could only be determined after the police concludes their investigation.

The Councillor said the woman was a solo traveler and resided in the guesthouse alone. He said the information received to date does not point to any suspicions on a Gaafaru resident.

Najila's mother is from Aa. Bodufulhadhoo while her father is from Male'.