Woman found dead with multiple stab wounds

A woman was found murdered in a home in N. Manadho on Friday.

The deceased has been identified as Naeema Moosa, 62, a cleaner employed at the island council. She lived alone in her home in Manadhoo.

According to various sources from Manadhoo, Naeema was reported as missing when she did not turn up for work and could not be reached. The police then went to her home Friday evening and broke down the door of her room. She was found dead on the floor with multiple stab wounds. Sources say she was stabbed in over 21 places, and the attackers had attempted to dismember her body parts.

Some people in Manadhoo accuse Naeema of practicing witchcraft.

The murder is being jointly investigated by Manadhoo Police and Noonu atoll police. A police team from Male' are also active in Manadhoo. Police have asked to share information about anyone arriving and departing from Manadhoo as part of their investigation.