Naeema's murder: Police collecting samples from Manadhoo residents

Police have started taking fingerprints and DNA samples from many Manadhoo residents to identify the killer of Naeema Moosa, who was found brutally murdered in Manadhoo earlier this month.

Naeema, 62, was reported as missing when she did not turn up for work and could not be reached. The police went to her home, where she lived alone, on the evening of April 7 and broke down the door of her room. She was found dead on the floor with multiple stab wounds. Sources say she was stabbed in over 21 places, and the attackers had attempted to dismember her body parts. She was buried on April 8 without performing a post-mortem.

The Manadhoo Council has urged the island residents to cooperate with the police in finding Naeema's killer. Speaking to AVAS, Manadhoo Council President Abdul Rahman Sobeeh said that samples are not being taken on suspicion. Neither the police nor the council currently has a suspect in connection with Naeema's death, he said.

Sobeeh further said the council had not received any information from the police regarding Naeema's murder investigation. He said that he does not believe that the police have made much progress in the investigation.

"It is a grave concern of the council and the island's residents that so much time has passed without the killer being found. We are all in a state of fear," he said.

The council president said some people are suffering from psychological issues in connection with Naeema's death. Therefore, such people are identified, and counseling services are being provided in collaboration with the relevant agencies, he said.

The police have been monitoring entry and exit from Manadhoo following Naeema's death. Sobeeh said the police continue to monitor the harbor area.