Pres Solih announces plans for Fuvahmulah Airport expansion

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Friday announced that the government is preparing to commence a survey on expanding Fuvahmulah Airport. The announcement was made at the 'Maahefun' hosted by the President and the First Lady. for the people of Fuvahmulah City.

Speaking to the residents of Fuvahmulah City gathered for the feast, President Solih said it is necessary to expand Fuvahmulah Airport further to cater to the changing sizes of airplanes. He said the government would facilitate the airport expansion after completing a technical survey. He said the Planning Ministry had already been instructed to conduct the survey to determine the extent to which the airport could be expanded.

The President also spoke on the government's efforts to build Fuvahmlah City's roads. He said that as a continuation of the first phase of road construction in the city, the second phase of road construction would commence, which would extend the road by 10 kilometers.

The President also announced that the new 50-bed hospital to be developed in Fuvahmulah City would offer specialty services for children and women. He had also highlighted the plans to contract the harbor survey work to the company that had previously constructed the harbor in Fuvahmulah City.

The Fuvahmulah Airport was constructed and opened during former President Mohamed Nasheed's presidency.