Greatest joy as Ramadan arrives is overcoming COVID-19: Pres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the greatest joy as Ramadan arrives is that we have overcome COVID-19 and can now devote our full attention to religious matters.

The new moon for the Holy Month of Ramadan was sighted, and the Maldives began Ramadan on Friday night.

While addressing the nation on the occasion of the beginning of Ramadan 1443, President Solih said the protective measures that were taken to curb the spread of the virus had been lifted, and that life had returned to normalcy, which would allow people to perform congregation prayers in mosques.

The President urged the people to be more motivated in taking advantage of this opportunity to fast, pray the Thara'weeh, and recite the Holy Quran. President Solih also stated that the holy month of Ramadan was filled with blessings and forgiveness and thus advised the people to be more kind and prioritise familial ties, friendliness and good manners, as well as helping each other and bring forth humanity, which would elevate one's rank in the hereafter.

The President emphasised the importance of indulging in religious matters and concluded his address by expressing hope that the whole Islamic Ummah would receive the benevolence of the holy month.