Sports Minister unveils design drawings of National Stadium

The Youth Ministry on Tuesday unveiled drawings of the proposed design for Galolhu National Stadium.

In his annual address at the Parliament this year, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had announced that the development of the Galolhu National Stadium would be among the major projects planned for the year.

On Tuesday, Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof published four drawings of the proposed design for the stadium on social media. They included an aerial view of the stadium, the main entrance, the bleachers, and the interior of the stadium. The minister said plans are in place to demolish the current stadium and rebuild the stadium and that the project was included in the budget under a Line of Credit extended by India.

A USD 40 million Line of Credit dedicated to the development of sports infrastructure in the Maldives was concluded between EXIM Bank of India and the Government of Maldives on 02 September 2021. The government expects to receive part of the loan this year and allocated MVR 55 million in this year's budget for the development of the National Stadium. An additional MVR 10 million will be allocated for the project from next year's budget.

The Planning Ministry had previously informed that the bleachers at the southern and eastern sides of the stadium were unsafe due to age and dilapidation. Since then, the bleachers have not been in public use. However, it has been used on some occasions for special events.

The offices of some sports associations and some storage rooms of the Sports Ministry are located under the southern side bleachers. Youth Ministry's accommodation block is also near the bleachers.

During the reconstruction of the National Stadium, national leagues will be played on turf grounds in the atolls and at Hulhumale' Track stadium.