Gov't to manage futsal courts in Male' City

The government will manage futsal courts in Male' City, Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof has announced.

Minister Mahloof made the announcement in response to a question posed by Henveiru North MP Ibrahim Muizzu in the Parliament on Tuesday.

The futsal stadiums in all wards of Male' City were built by clubs and organizations operating in the city. Although the government has ownership of the land on which the stadiums were built, the stadiums were developed by the clubs themselves, using their own funds. Therefore, the income generated from renting the stadiums goes to the club association that developed the stadium.

Speaking at the Parliament, MP Muizzu said it has become difficult for the public to book stadiums and that the demand for the courts had made it extremely expensive to book a court. He inquired from the minister if the ministry had any plans to address and resolve the issue.

Responding to Muizzu, the Youth Minister said he acknowledges that there are huge difficulties for people who want to play football in the city. He said there are few opportunities and facilities for those who want to play football and that stadiums, therefore, have to be booked for hefty fees.

The minister said discussions are underway with the relevant authorities to take over the football stadiums in the city and said that the issue is expected to be resolved within this year. Once the issue is resolved, football fields will be rented by online booking in the future, he said.

"Now, I myself go to play, paying MVR 6,400 for two nights a week. It is so expensive. Some places are charging MVR 9,000. So we have to find a way to do this at a cheaper price. Hopefully, we will find a solution this year," Mahloof said.

In addition to the futsal stadiums built in the neighborhoods, the other major stadiums in the city are maintained jointly by the Youth Ministry and the FAM. These stadiums are usually used by clubs playing in FAM leagues.