Fayyaz is attempting to ruin the party: MP Inthi

Candidate in the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Chairperson race, MP Imthiyaz Fahmy, has said certain groups are working to divide the party and that he would not allow it to happen that way.

The Maafannu North MP is contesting against Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail in MDP's Chairperson election slated for next month.

Imthiyaz is currently visiting L Gan to garner support for himself. Speaking to the island's residents, Imthiyaz said MDP would not succeed in the 2023 presidential election if those seeking power in the party used creating division among the party as a tactic to win the Chairperson election. He said any sane person would know MDP cannot win the 2023 elections by using such tactics.

'There is no doubt, [they are] working to ruin this party, to break this party up. They are working to fail the 2023 [election] for the party. There really is no doubt,' said Imthiyaz.

Speaking further, the MP said MDP was well-trusted by the country's citizens and that their hopes were tied to the party. He noted that MDP is trusted by the people, both as a ruling party and as the opposition.

Regarding his opponents' campaign, Imthiyaz said some were working to diminish the party's spirit. He accused them of using influence to threaten people with their jobs and intimidating them into voting for them by stating that development would be hindered if they did not vote for a cabinet minister. He stated that such actions did not align with the party's beliefs.

Imthiyaz said Minister Fayyaz did not possess any unique qualities that made him worthy of being the party's Chairperson. He said his own experience and time in the party trumps his opponent's.

'They cannot even come close,' said Imthiyaz.

Imthiyaz is backed by Parliament Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed, Nasheed's family, and his loyal followers. Meanwhile, Fayyaz has the support of the majority of the party's National Council members and top government officials. The election will take place on May 14.