Too many mistakes, cannot ensure 50 percent of votes: Nasheed

President of the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has said the current administration does not have the support of even half of the voting population. HE made the statement in a message sent to the party's National Council member Whatsapp group on Monday.

In his message, Nasheed said he did not believe MDP could win over 50 percent of the people's votes. The administration has made many mistakes that cost the votes, and does not even acknowledge their errors, said Nasheed. He went on to state that the current administration was under the impression that they had tremendous support and were well received by the people.

Nasheed further said many repayments have to be made this year, and as such, the current year is a very high-risk year. However, he said the administration does not seem to be taking any of these concerns into account. The repayments he spoke of are outstanding debts payments that become due this year.

The former President of the Maldives also criticized the administration's treatment of local fishers. He said he warned the administration against undertaking efforts to increase MIFCO's capacity multiple times. The result now is MIFCO not being run adequately and fish plants not being established in islands as per MDP's policies, he said.