Eid attacks: Two more suspects taken into custody

Two people have been arrested in connection to an attack that took place in Male' City on Eid Day.

The altercation occurred on Eid morning near the Janavaree Magu / Majeedhee Magu intersection in Henveiru ward. While two arrests were made earlier, the police have been searching for seven other suspects linked to the attack. They are Mausoom Mohamed Didi (27), Ahmed Rabeeu (24), Ahmed Nazih, (27), Munad Jaufar (20), Ahmed Sathiu (21), Ahmed Shimhaz (22), and Looth Ahmed Asif (18).

The police said two more suspects were arrested on May 7 in Male' City and that the pair had been remanded in custody for five days. The suspects taken into custody are Ahmed Shimhaz and Looth Ahmed Asif. Five suspects remain at large.

A string of violent attacks using sharp objects took place in Male' and Hulhumale during the Eid holidays. Although the cause for the brawls is not clear, it is believed to be linked to the Baibalaa Sports Tournament that takes place annually every Fitr Eid. Following the attacks, the tournament slated for the second day of Eid was postponed at police request. However, the relevant sports association has said the tournament will be held very soon.