MDP Chairperson Election: Fayyaz's campaign team announces his victory

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail (Fayya)'s campaign team has announced his victory in the MDP Chairman's election.

On Saturday, two hundred eighty-one ballot boxes were set up for the most anticipated and contested MDP internal election. While the results of more than 140 ballot boxes have been announced thus far, Fayyaz won most of the ballot boxes with over 20,000 votes. His opponent, Maafannu North MP Imthiyaz Fahmy, trails behind with 14,000 votes.

While vote counting is still ongoing, Fayyaz's campaign spokesperson Ibrahim Waheed has congratulated Fayyaz and announced his victory. He thanked the members of the 'Hingaalan' campaign team for their efforts.

Fayyaz won the majority of votes in the constituencies where he was believed to have support. While he received over 90 percent of the votes from some polling stations, he also faced defeat in islands where Imthiyaz received more support during the campaign.

Meanwhile, Imthiyaz's campaign team has questioned the validity of Saturday's election. Earlier today, the team requested the temporary suspension of voting in four polling stations noting that there are many issues that could affect the overall result of the election.