Expired vaccines administered in Villimale' Hospital

A case where expired vaccines were administered to small children in Villimale Hospital has come to light.

The matter was brought to public attention by Villimale' MP Ahmed Usham. In a tweet posted on Thursday, MP Usham said he is receiving several complaints from Villimale residents that expired vaccines were administered at Villimale' Hospital. He said the issue is a serious issue and that the government must be answerable for how such a situation arose.

"It is a very serious issue. The government should clarify how such a thing happened," Usham tweeted, tagging the Health Ministry, Health Minister Ahmed Naseem, and Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Some residents of Vilimale have taken to social media to express their concern regarding the administration of expired vaccines to children. However, neither the Health Ministry nor the Villimale Hospital has commented on the matter.