Coalition partner JP to contest 2023 elections

The ruling coalition partner, Jumhooree Party (JP), has announced that the party will contest the 2023 Presidential Election.

The second-largest party in the ruling coalition, JP, revealed their plans for the election in response to a question posed by AVAS, following President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's announcement that he would contest for a second term.

Speaking to AVAS, JP's Spokesperson and Minister of State for Environment, Climate Change and Technology Ali Solih said that although President Solih had announced that he would contest for a second term with the help of a coalition, JP had not received any offers from the President thus far.

"Once we officially receive a proposal from the President, we will discuss it with the council and decide on it," Ali Solih said.

The Spokesperson said JP had already decided to contest the upcoming presidential election. He said that the party's council has not yet decided to make any changes to the decision.

According to JP's Constitution, the party's presidential candidate will be the party leader at the time. JP 's leader is Maamigili MP Gasim Ibrahim, who has contested the presidential elections twice before.

Ali Solih added that the President's decision to run for a second term with the coalition shows his confidence in the current coalition. He thanked the President for his trust on behalf of the party.

"In fact, the President has proven that he is the best leader in maintaining a coalition," Ali said.

In a press conference held Wednesday, President Solih was asked if he would contest the upcoming Presidential Election. In his response, the President said he was confident of winning the election with a coalition. He further said it is essential that the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) remains in power, adding that it is the most beneficial choice for the Maldives. The President said his government had started many projects for the people, and the projects should continue into the coming years without interruption.

The President said that a single party cannot win the 2023 election on the presidential election, including MDP. However, he is confident that he can win the election by facing the election through a coalition, he said.

"I am confident I can win the 2023 [presidential election] with a coalition led by MDP. MDP alone cannot do it. So, the party's Congress will decide on a candidate. I can assure you that I am confident of winning the 2023 presidential election. If you wish for an MDP administration, I am a choice," President Solih said.