Robust transport network essential for development: Minister Nahla

Transport Minister Aishath Nahla has said that the country cannot develop without strengthening the transport system despite major development projects. Minister Nahla made the statement at the virtual launching ceremony of the National Ferry System or Raajje Transport Link (RTL) on Saturday.

Although RTL was launched on Saturday night, the ferry network under the first phase of the project Haa Alif, Haa Dhaal, and Shaviyani atoll was launched on Sunday morning.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nahla said a robust transport system must be established if the Maldives wished to reach new heights in development and truly implement a decentralization system. She said the government implemented the transportation system using high-speed ferries for the purpose.

"Even if large [infrastructural] projects are implemented in a country, it cannot move forward if it does not have a strong transport system. This strong system being launched today will certainly bring development to the Maldives. The current administration's goal is to bring development and prosperity to the Maldives," she said.

Nahla said the ferry system would connect all islands across the Maldives and that top priority would be given to safety and security. The ferry system launched by the government will be an important step toward achieving these goals, she said.

"Today's government wants to continue to pay great attention to transport policy," Nahla said.

Minister Nahla added that the country is made up of separate islands and that the people would greatly benefit from the connectivity of the islands. She added that it is essential to strengthen the transport system if social and economic development is to be achieved.