MDP PG approves to move PG Shameem's dismissal

The MDP parliamentary group on Monday decided to move to dismiss Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem through the Parliament.

A member also proposed to seek Shameem's dismissal at a PG Group meeting held on June 1. However, as the matter was moved branching from other items on the meeting's agenda and as it was a significant matter, PG leader Mohamed Aslam instructed to move Shameem's dismissal as a separate matter.

Aslam had earlier told AVAS that he instructed to submit the matter separately as he felt the number of PG members in attendance at that day's meeting, 35 out of 65, was less. He said he believed extensive discussions on the matter could be held if a maximum number of members were present.

"Therefore, I asked that the matter be referred as a separate matter, to be agendaed at a formal meeting of the parliamentary group. Then, it will be easier for all the members of the parliamentary group to think about the issue ahead of time and come to a decision," Aslam said

In a PG meeting held Monday, the motion to move Shameem's dismissal at the Parliament was passed by 17 out of 21 members who took part in the vote. The total number of members present at the meeting is not clear.

There are no specific issues for which MDP is seeking Shameem's dismissal. However, some members of the MDP parliamentary group have criticized the Prosecutor General's office in the past for its decisions on the MMMPRC graft, ventilators scam, and the release of drug lords.

Prosecutor General Shameem had earlier said the office was not a "post office" set up to submit all cases sent by investigating agencies to court. He had said that the office would only present cases with proven evidence to court.

Shameem was appointed as the Prosecutor General after 74 MPs approved his appointment.