JSC clears Criminal Court Chief Judge of misconduct

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has said that the disciplinary case against Criminal Court Judge Ahmed Shakeel cannot been proven.

A disciplinary case against Chief Judge Shakeel alleging misconduct was filed with the JSC after the Criminal Court changed the alleged local leader of ISIS in the Maldives, Mohamed Ameen, 28, of Kariyyavilla, Fuvahmulah, to home arrest pending trial. The complaint filed at JSC said that while Ameen was first remanded in custody pending the outcome of the trial, the order was quashed, and he was transferred to house arrest illegally.

Ameen, who is considered a terrorist, was placed under house arrest after a complaint was filed alleging that he was not receiving adequate medical treatment.

The petitioner who filed the case at JSC said that Ameen is designated a terrorist by the world, and granting such a relief like house arrest encourages acts of terrorism. Such a decision was not taken after considering the safety and security of the society, he said.

The order transferring Ameen to house arrest was subsequently quashed by the High Court.

The JSC began investigating the case on April 28 last year. The JSC on Sunday said the case was not proven against the chief judge.

Shakeel was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court on November 26, 2020.