Special holiday fare to Malaysia and Thailand by Maldivian

The national airline, Maldivian, has introduced special fares for flights to Malaysia and Thailand during the Eid holidays.

The flights, which will be operated from Friday onwards, will fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Under the special fare, which runs from July 8 to 17, one-way tickets for travel between Malaysia and VIA on Thursday will be sold at USD 176 or MVR 2,713. One-way tickets will cost USD 125 or MVR 1,927 for the remaining four flights until the 17th of this month. Passengers receive a 40 kg baggage allowance on the special flights.

Special fare schedule:
Kuala Lumpur to Male' - 8 July
Bangkok to Male' - 10 July
Kuala Lumpur to Male' - 15 July
Male' to Bangkok - 17 July
Male' to Kuala Lumpur - 29 July

Maldivian has also operated a similar promotion to Malaysia during the Fitr Eid holidays.