Recommendation made to offer fixed overtime allowances to teachers

A recommendation has been made to offer a fixed allowance for teachers' overtime as they have to work long hours.

The proposal was made in a report prepared by the Teachers Research Group on the reasons why the education sector is struggling to find quality teachers.

The research report, which came amid a significant increase in teacher salaries last May, said teachers should be given the same allowances as professionals in the education sector as their overtime pay is currently held at 10 percent and prohibits them from taking on additional jobs.

The report said employees at some government agencies receive a higher overtime allowance than teachers. The report noted that such arrangements make finding teachers and education professionals challenging.

The report further said it was not easy to determine the overtime for teachers as they do their official work in other settings in addition to teaching in classrooms. It also recommended that overtime pay in government agencies be changed to a more fair and equitable system.

The report also proposed to provide a fixed allowance called "Teacher Allowance" to solve the teachers' overtime issue. It further said issues of giving a risk allowance to certain employees in the education sector had been identified and recommended to resolve the issue. It also proposed to provide non-practice allowances to relevant employees in the education sector.