Maalhos parents refuse to send children to school

The parents of students at Alif Alif Maalhos School have decided not to send their children to school until chemistry and biology teachers are appointed to the school.

Maalhos Council President Ismail Naseer told AVAS that there is no teacher to teach biology and chemistry at the school at this time. He said that the council was aware that some parents of grade 9 students did not send their children to school due to a lack of teachers.

According to the parents, there have been no teachers to teach the two subjects at the school since the beginning of the current academic year, earlier in August. They said a foreign teacher came in October but left the island after teaching for two weeks.

The last teacher who went to the island was not specialized in teaching chemistry, a parent told AVAS. As such issues negatively affect the students and their studies, the student's parents are extremely concerned about the matter, the parents said.

"We will not send our children to school until a teacher comes to teach them," the parent said.

Speaking regarding the issue, Maalhos School Principal Fathmath Shimana said the matter is being discussed with the Education Ministry to seek a solution.