Protest to be held demanding Yoga Day arrestees' release

The opposition coalition PPM/PNC has decided to hold a protest to demand the release of those arrested for the Yoga Day unrest.

On June 21, a group of youth stormed Galolhu Stadium, where an event was being held to mark International Yoga Day. While yoga is a controversial topic in Islam, with many scholars believing the practice of yoga to be impermissible, the event was held despite the Islamic Ministry requesting Maldives Police Service to stop such events. Several people, including two religious scholars, were arrested for allegedly causing unrest at the event. Although a few of those arrested have been released, most of them, including the scholars, remain in custody.

The PPM / PNC coalition has planned a protest to call for their release for Thursday night. The event would begin in front of the PPM Office on Boduthakurufaanu Magu at 08:30 pm.

PPM said the protest is being held to demand justice for the people in a situation where the country's justice system has been 'held hostage' and to encourage the release of innocent people who have been arrested.