Dr. Muizzu vows to double police and army salaries

The PPM-PNC presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, has committed to doubling the salaries of the police and army personnel.

Speaking at a rally at Artificial Beach on Friday night, Dr. Muizzu expressed his deep appreciation for the invaluable national service provided by these forces and underscored his dedication to prioritizing their salary increase.

Stating that the army and police cannot be made “pawns”, Dr. Muizzu said they deserved salary increases.

"Because I have made this pledge today, it is possible that the salaries of the police and MNDF may see an increase tomorrow. In that case, I would be very pleased. When I pledged to give Thinadhoo island the status of a city, he [the President] went to the island and declared it a city," Dr. Muizzu said, referring to similar pledges being made by the incumbent government.

Muizzu’s promise to increase the salaries of the army and police coincides with President Solih's promise to increase the salaries of all civil service employees, including armed forces, police, immigration, customs, corrections, religious leaders, judicial staff, and local council workers, starting in January.

Muizzu added that the rent payment for the police and army flats built in Hulhumale Phase I will be deferred for one year during his rule. Believed to be referring to the advance payments of the flats, he said he would arrange for the payments to be made in installments.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration increased the salaries of all education employees since May 1 last year. Since May this year, the salaries of all health workers have been increased. The President also addressed the concerns raised after the salary increases in these two sectors last week.