Adhaalath will not back down: Imran

Adhaalath Party is not going to back down in the slightest, the party's President and Home Minister Imran Abdullah has today. Imran made the remark in a tweet posted on Friday.

Imran made similar tweets over the past two days, speaking of Adhaalath's service to the country in upholding Islamic values. However, he was criticized heavily for the tweets by members of the public and several local scholars.

In a tweet posted on Friday, Imran responded to the backlash directed at him and his party. He said no matter how much some people disliked him, Adhaalath was not going to back down and would move forward in its political work within the full sense of Islam.

Imran had earlier said that the Adaalath Party had done the greatest service to Islam since 2015. He said that whether people believe it or not, there is no party or organization in the Maldives that has served Islam more than the scholars of Adhaalath in the last three years or since 2005.

Adhaalath is part of the ruling coalition.