Kudagiri Master Plan: A commendable effort by HDC

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC)'s Planning Department has a Master Plan to make President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's vision for a picnic island for Male' City residents a reality. Under this plan, work is underway to ensure that the picnic island, Kudagiri, can provide the best services to picnic-goers.

In this regard, huts and toilet stalls were designed to cater to picnickers' needs, and the physical construction of these designs has almost reached completion. The Master Plan also has the objective of establishing sports facilities for visitors.

HDC is working with other state-owned enterprises to establish utility services under the Kudagiri Master Plan. These include water and sewerage, electricity, and RO facilities at the power plant and waste management services. Additionally, a waste management plan is being prepared in collaboration with SOEs and government authorities on how to manage waste, where to collect waste, how to store waste, and how to dispose of it.

In addition, a fire prevention plan and disaster management plan have been designed in collaboration with the MNDF. HDC's smart infrastructure team will install telecommunications components and devices to improve network and mobile coverage on the island.

When the Kudagiri work is completed, there is no doubt that it would become a pleasant destination for family travel and relaxation.