City Council services to be provided via online portal

Male' City Council has launched a portal -- Maavehi -- to make many of its services available online.

The portal was launched by Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu at a meeting held by the City Council to meet constituents on Tuesday. The services will be available online through the portal from August 3.

The service of the Maavehi portal will be available upon registration with the ID card number. Help desks have been set up to assist in accessing services through the portal.

The portal is designed to provide updates on the city council's actions and notification messages.

The City Council said the portal would provide updates on the status of requested services and send notifications. The Council will be issuing permits in digital form, and the validity of permits can be verified through the City Council's system by scanning a QR code.

Mayor Muizzu said 90 percent of the services provided by the City Council would be available through the portal. These include construction services, road closure permits, mosque assistance, land services, services required through the City Council after the birth of a child, registration of a house in the city, and renting parks and other recreational spaces.

Mayor Muizzu added that more than a million drawings and various registries related to Male' residents will be added to the portal's database and shared with related parties.