Hisko appointed as Head of Communications at the President's Office

Mohamed Hisan' Hisko' Ali has been appointed as the Head of the Communications Department of the President's Office.

According to the President's Office, Hisko took over the responsibilities of the Chief Communications Strategist on Sunday.

Until Hisko's appointment, Ibrahim Hood was the Chief Communications Strategist of the President's Office. Hood is the head of foreign relations in the President's Office. Speaking to AVAS on Monday, Hood said he had difficulties fulfilling the post of Chief Communications Strategist due to the workload as the head of Foreign Relations.

"The President was requested to bring about this change around a year ago. This change came into effect yesterday," Hood said.

Hood was appointed Chief Communications Strategist of the President's Office in 2018. He has also served as the President's Spokesperson. The current Spokesperson for the President's Office is Mohamed Mabrook Azeez.