MDP has proven party's maturity, says Chairperson

The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Chairperson and Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail has said the party has once again proven that the party has reached maturity.

Fayyaz made the statement while delivering closing remarks at MDP's fourth Congress on Sunday.

MDP's President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed submitted a resolution to the Congress seeking constitutional changes to change the Maldives' governance system from a presidential to a parliamentary system. The contentious resolution created a great divide within the party, and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih himself requested Nasheed to withdraw the resolution. It was expected that Congress would heat up with Nasheed's resolution. However, the amendment was withdrawn at the last minute, as the debate on the matter was about to start.

Speaking on Nasheed's decision, Fayyaz said the decision proved again that MDP is a mature party. He said there would still be differences of opinion within the party but that it would resolve any issues.

"We are a strong party. A big party. And we have shown once again that we are a mature party. There will certainly be differences of opinion among us. But we are always showing that we obtain results despite differences. We will operate the same way even in the future," Fayyaz said.

Fayyaz assured that he would do everything necessary to provide the best for the MDP as the party's Chairperson.

In his closing remarks, MDP's senior leader, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said the Congress started with huge differences of opinion, especially on Nasheed's resolution. However, the Congress ended with more than 1,200 congressmen pleased with its outcome through discussions and alignment of opinions, he said.

The President said the work ahead is to win the 2023 Presidential Election. The whole party should come together for the efforts, he said. He further noted that the party's Constitution outlines how the party's presidential ticket must be awarded and that the party should act according to that and rally behind whichever candidate attains the ticket.

The President asserted that he does not see any party other than the MDP winning the presidential election.

"We should all come out together with the candidate nominated by the party. This is a big party, with huge support. We have great policies. I believe the 2023 Presidental Election cannot be won by any party other than MDP," said the President.