Spokesperson Mabrook has not tendered his resignation: PO

The President's Office has denied reports that the office's Spokesperson, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez, had tendered his resignation.

A presidential office official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AVAS that although several media outlets had reported Mabrook's resignation, the President's Office had not received a resignation letter from him.

“If he has not formally submitted his resignation, we cannot decide that he has resigned, can we?” the official said.

Mabrook could not be reached for comment as he did not answer the phone.

According to some sources, Mabrook has not been very active in his role as the Spokesperson in recent weeks. Reports of Mabrook's resignation come while Mohamed Hisan Ali (Hisco) has been appointed as the Chief Communications Strategist of the President's Office's Communications Department. He was appointed to the post on August 1.

Mabrook last spoke to the media after Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed alleged that he possessed four photographs that showed President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih committing adultery. Even before that, Mabrook had avoided reporters' phone calls for a while.

Mabrouk was appointed as the Spokesperson of the President's Office on January 10, 2021. Prior to that, he was an Under Secretary at the President’s Office.