ACC ceases efforts to freeze SOF account

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has stopped its efforts to freeze SOF Pvt Ltd's account.

SOF's account was used to circulate a large number of illegal funds in the country's biggest corruption scandal, the MMPRC graft.

ACC's Senior Communication Officer Nishan Mohamed Didi told AVAS that the commission was no longer seeking to freeze SOF's account as there was no circumstance to freeze the account at this time. He did not comment further on the matter.

AVAS has learned that the ACC decided not to freeze SOF's account as there are no funds in the account at the moment.

It has been reported that SOF's account was released following an order issued by the Civil Court against the Bank of Maldives. The ACC said it did not know the exact date on which the SOF account was released.

The Auditor General's special audit report on the MMPRC scam said the SOF received USD 70.17 million in state funds from the MMPRC. The funds were distributed to several people in the name of buying and selling foreign currency through the SOF account, according to investigation reports compiled by the relevant state agencies.