Lt. Col. Amir appointed as the new Defense Advisor to Sri Lanka

Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Amir has been appointed as the Maldives' new Defense Advisor to Sri Lanka.

The post was last held by Colonel Ismail Naseer.

Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Amir is currently in Sri Lanka after officially taking over the post. He has been meeting with relevant Sri Lankan officials since his arrival in Sri Lanka. In this regard, he has already met with Sri Lanka's Defense Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne.

During the meeting, the Sri Lankan Defense Secretary noted Amir's predecessor, Colonel Ismail Naseer's efforts in strengthening bilateral defense relations during his tenure as Defense Advisor. He said the two countries would continue to strengthen ties in the field of defense in the future.

The meeting was attended by the Sri Lankan Defense Ministry's Military Liaison Officer, Major General Dinesh Nanayakkara.