Nasheed in Addu City after four years

Parliament Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed has traveled to southernmost Addu City after four years.

Nasheed was received at Gan International Airport by Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar upon his arrival on Wednesday afternoon. He received a warm welcome from his supporters, who were gathered outside the airport in the scorching afternoon sun.

President Nasheed traveled to Addu City to attend a seminar on climate issues held Wednesday night. The seminar was held at the Maldives National University (MNU)'s campus in Hithadhoo, Addu. Former President of Costa Rica, Lauren Chinchilla, delivered the opening remarks at the second session (Underwater Justice) of the Sustainability Forsaken Futures seminar series.

President Nasheed last visited Addu City in 2018 upon his return to the Maldives after being in self-exile in the United Kingdom.