Leaked videos: Forty additional charges raised against Alamgir

The Bangladeshi man serving a sentence for having homosexual relations with a large number of men, MD Alamgir, has been pressed with 40 more charges.

Alamgir filmed himself having homosexual relations with several local men, including politicians, prominent businessmen, and law enforcement officials. Following his arrest, he was initially charged with three counts of homosexuality. After he pleaded guilty to the charges, he was sentenced to seven months and six days in prison late last month.

The Prosecutor General’s office Sunday said that Alamgir was charged with 40 counts of making explicit videos. The charges were filed at the Criminal Court early Sunday.

In addition to Alamgir, lawyer Nazim Abdul Sattar, former Nolhivaram MP Mohammed Nasheed, and police officer Abdul Rahman Rafiu were charged for having homosexual relations with Alamgir. While Nazim and Rafiu have pleaded guilty to the charges, Nazim has been handed a three-month and 26-day house arrest sentence. Rafiu will be sentenced on Thursday.