Practical work begins for Vaadhoo Sewerage project

The practical work of GDh. Vaadhoo's water and sewerage project has officially kicked off.

Utility company, MWSC, was tasked with establishing water and sewerage systems on 15 islands, including Vaadhoo, in November 2020. The Vaadhoo project 's practical work was launched by FENAKA's Managing Director Ahmed Saeed, MWSC's Chairman Ahmed Maumoon, MWSC's Deputy Managing Director Mohamed Shareef, Deputy President of Vaadhoo Council Hashir Mohamed, and the Secretary General of the Council, Mohamed Ibrahim Did at a ceremony held Tuesday.

The pipeline work under the project will be carried about by FENAKA Corporation under an agreement between the two parties.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged to provide water and sewerage facilities to all inhabited islands by the end of the term.