Gov't to provide employment opportunities to those with disabilities

The President's Office has announced that the Civil Service regulations will be amended to provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities.

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed told at a press conference held Thursday that the government attaches great importance to providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities. In this regard, the Gender Ministry is working to facilitate jobs within the civil service, he said, adding that there are difficulties in the existing Civil Service regulations to achieve this. Efforts are underway to amend the regulations, he said.

Noting that there are skilled people among people with disabilities, Miuwan said the government was working to provide them with jobs in areas where such skills can be utilized. These employment opportunities will be provided through government-owned companies, he said.

Miuwan said the previous government had launched an employment program for people with disabilities. However, the program was implemented in name only, he said, describing the program as a photo opportunity for publicity. He alleged that the previous government did not look at the skills of people with disabilities and how they could contribute in employing them.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Viavathi Conference held earlier this month, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said the work of compiling a register of people with disabilities is currently underway. The President also assured that the allowance for the disabled would be increased once the work is completed.